About The Globeflower Agency

The Globeflower Agency is a brand new hybrid publisher and author consultancy company composed of passionate and creative individuals who love books.

We provide unknown authors and established authors the opportunity to publish high-quality books, promoted to the world via our marvellous marketing methods.

We are seeking new authorsOur Director personally reads and reviews all submitted manuscripts. If she loves your book, she will probably dance around the room and then offer you a publishing contract.

High-quality books

Selected authors will become vital members of our formidable team!  The Globeflower Agency is committed to nurturing our authors so that we can grow and succeed together.

We invest time and money into producing and promoting high-quality books with the aim of them becoming profitable bestsellers. Therefore we ask our authors to make a small financial investment to contribute towards the publishing process costs.

Higher royalties

Our hybrid publishing model offers authors up to 50% royalties on net proceeds – this is higher than traditional publishers and many competing hybrid publishers – thus greater profit for you.