Our Publishing Method


Submit your book1) Submit, Submit, Submit!

You submit your manuscript to us via our online form, and then you either (a) keep checking your messages for an update or (b) have fun, relax, enjoy yourself.

2) Read, Review and Rave About it

Our Director reads it, reviews it, and then raves about it! If she finds a gem of a book, she will probably do some overzealous dancing too.

3) Contract and Celebrations

If we love your book, we will send you a hybrid publishing contract which contains the terms and conditions of the publishing package, including associated fees. Once it is signed, sealed, and delivered you can celebrate however you want. Whether you buy yourself  The Armand de Brignac Brut Gold Champagne, Aldi’s Prosecco (which is rather nice) or even a box of Celebrations chocolates. Whichever method you choose, do it in style!

Your publishing journey has begun – congratulations!

4) Intelligent Investment

Upon receiving the signed contract, we require payment for the publishing package so we can commence with our editing and marvelous marketing. The small financial contribution you make towards the publishing costs is an intelligent investment, as it will enable us to undertake excellent editing, marvelous marketing, and powerful publicity on your behalf. We invest time, skills, and money into making your book a success and offer you up to 50% royalties, which is higher than many other publishers, thus your contribution is an intelligent investment.

Up to 50 percent royalties

5) Perfect Project Plan

“I love it when a (project) plan comes together.” Our formidable A-Team will create a personalised project plan detailing how we will transform your book from a raw manuscript into a successful book.

6) Exciting Editing

Our magical and hardworking editor Emma (fueled by coffee) starts to develop and edit your book so that it is fine tuned.marvellous marketing

7) Daring Design

Our creative team will:

    • Design an eye-catching front cover.
    • Beautifully layout the book for print and e-book format.


8) Marvelous Marketing

Our marvelous marketing is truly magical. Our experienced team will create a personalised marketing strategy for you and your book. Whilst our editor develops the book, we work hard together on growing your author platform (social media) to create a loyal fanbase for you.

#MarvelousMarketing #BookMarketing #WritersLife #WW #Bookboost


9) Pioneering Print-on-demand

Your book will never be out of stock because we use pioneering print-on-demand publishing services.

Amazon / Create Space print on demand

When a customer orders your book from Amazon, it is printed then delivered directly to them. They can then sit back and enjoy your book.

Ingram Spark  print on demand

We print books via Ingram Spark and then use the book wholesaler Gardners to distribute your title to bookshops. Whilst we are unable to guarantee that bookshops will choose to stock your title we will use our best powers of persuasion to encourage them to do so.

10) Electrifying e-books

Global e-book retail and library distribution including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords.

We use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing for the first ninety days in order to utilise and maximise their promotional activities and to secure you high-ranking in Amazon’s bestseller lists.Powerful publicity

11) Gorgeous Gift Merchandise

Fabulous fans love to “read the book, watch the movie, buy the T-shirt!” Whilst we cannot promise you a movie deal, we can guarantee gorgeous gift merchandise to complement your book. T-shirts, bags, mugs, notebooks, pillows, and more. We design it, sell it and you get royalties. How great is that!

12) Powerful Publicity

At least three months before your publication day we commence our marvelous marketing strategy, we will:

  • Send Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) to influential reviewers.
  • Grow and develop your fan base on social media.
  • Recruit a Book Launch Team (BLT) composed of bloggers and influential social media users.
  • Creatively reveal your book cover and generate hype on social media.
  • Design and release a trailer video.
  • Organise and manage a blooming marvelous blog tour including book reviews.


13) Puissant Publication Party

As morning breaks, every member of your dedicated Book Launch Team (BLT) will be chanting “Party! Party! Party!” Throughout the day, your BLT will be inviting everyone they know to join in the celebration. Competitions, adverts, guest blog posts, memes, videos, tweets galore.

Your #HappyPublicationDay will be #powerful #mighty #puissant #epic.

14) Perpetual Promotions

We want you and your book to succeed, so we continue to promote you and your book via:

    • Additional blog tours.
    • Special price promotions and marketing blitzes.
    • Social media.
    • Amazon.
    • Goodreads and LibraryThing.
    • Media and PR campaigns.