How can I publish my book?

HowCongratulations on writing a book! You have probably invested a vast amount of time writing it, and are now wondering how can I publish my book?

Well, you have three publishing options:

1) Traditional publishing

The traditional publishing route may be difficult for unknown /debut-authors. Large publishing houses receive excessive amounts of applications, many pitched via literary agents, thus unsolicited manuscripts may not even get looked at. It could take years to secure a deal.

2) Self-publishing

Many authors choose to self-publish in order to retain creative control, or perhaps they have struggled to secure a traditional publishing contract. As a self-published author, you will have to either undertake all the work yourself or pay experts to do it for you. Thus self-publishing is extremely time-consuming. If you don’t have the skills to undertake all of the work yourself, you have to spend lots of time researching companies or individuals to undertake the work for you.

We are sure that most authors want to be working on their next novel, and not finding reliable freelancers to help them edit, design, format, distribute, and promote their book. So, instead of struggling to try and do everything yourself, either sign up to our hybrid-publishing packaging or purchase our individual solutions for self-published authors.

3) Hybrid publishing

The third and increasingly popular publishing method is hybrid publishing. In exchange for a small financial investment towards the publishing costs. We (the publisher) develop, edit, design, print, distribute, and continuously promote and publicise your book.

Our formidable team is composed of creative individuals who are passionate about books, we are dedicated and determined to make you and your book a success. We invest a lot of time and money into producing high-quality books, which we promote via our marvelous marketing method. Whilst we undertake the work, you can concentrate on writing your next book!

What’s more, we offer higher royalty rates than traditional publishing. 

Which publishing method should you choose?

Before you decide which route to take, it is best to undertake some individual research and look at all three options. Many authors initially try to take the traditional publishing route but become disheartened when they receive rejection letters. Some authors may then attempt to self-publish, which is fantastic but involves either undertaking all the work yourself or paying experts to help them. Our hybrid publishing method is a great alternative to the other two options and is fast becoming a popular publishing route.

Why publish with us?

We love  authors

We want our authors to succeed and become bestsellers, so we:

 Guide you through your publishing journey.
 Develop and edit your book to a high standard.
 Help you create and grow your author platform.
 Create and implement a personalised marvelous marketing strategy.
 Promote and advertise your book to the world.

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