Publishing PackageMan holding sign saying "Up to 50% royalties"

We offer authors a hybrid publishing package, in which the author invests a small financial contribution towards the costs of publishing the book, and then we develop, edit, design, format, print, distribute, and promote your book to the world via our innovative method. 

We offer our authors higher royalties than traditional publishers and many competing hybrid publishers.

High royalty rates

33% of net proceeds from paperback and hardback books

50% of net proceeds on e-books

Publishing package

Our publishing package costs £2,500 and in return for this, we:
Support you through your publishing journey.

Create a personalised publishing project plan for your book (which we share with you).

Provide a personalised marvelous marketing strategy.

Help grow your author platform.

Develop, edit, and proofread your book to a high-standard.

Design an eye-catching front cover.

Beautifully format your book (print and e-book).

Continuously publicise and promotion your book via our marvelous marketing.