Submit your bookSubmission Policy

The Globeflower Agency publishes books under our imprint Globeflower Books and we are dedicated to publishing high-quality books which enrich the mind.

We will only accept manuscripts which meet our submissions criteria as outlined below.

Unsolicited manuscripts

We accept unsolicited manuscripts – you do not need a literary agent to publish with The Globeflower Agency.

All genres

We will consider publishing all genres, as long as the topics within the book do not contribute to social issues (see below).


We are not afraid of addressing hard-hitting topics and storylines, however, we will never publish books which glorify war, crime, drugs, or violence.

Our books may contain these issues, but they must be in context, and not glorify the issue.

Submission process

Please submit via our online form.

We require:

1) A covering letter containing:

• A synopsis outlining your book

• An author biography (including relevant experience, previously published work, career, social media profiles)

2) A word document containing the first five chapters of your manuscript

Manuscript format

All manuscripts should be submitted with the following formatting:

• Font – Times New Roman 12pt.

• Alignment – Justified.

• 1.5 spacing.

• No indents.